Age of War 4

Embark on an exhilarating odyssey through time with Age of War 4! It is an online strategy game that wonderfully blends action and historical evolution. You will traverse diverse eras, beginning from the stone age and finishing in the distant future. Your trip is a continuous battle against AI rivals and real players form different historical epochs.

Travel through the time!

As you advance in Age of War, you will assume the role of a leader that must guide his army through endless trials towards growth and progress. Unlock an array of new units, cutting-edge technologies, and special abilities that redefine the dynamics of wars. Master defensive and offensive tactics. You will need them to fortify your base against enemy attacks and also to launch strategic responses. You must prove your supremacy. Navigate through different historical epochs and accept challenges unique to each era. You will meet all sorts of opponents, from primitive cavemen and skilled archers to formidable tanks and futuristic weaponry. Success is entirely in your hands. Safeguard your base while tactically fending off all attempts of evil enemies.

Test all modes

Age of War offers diverse game modes, including an engaging campaign mode that propels you through different eras and an endless mode where you confront relentless waves of adversaries. When you win a battle, you earn coins. This money allows you to enhance your army and fortifications. Exciting gameplay, vibrant graphics, and historical themes makes this project attractive for strategy game enthusiasts. Build a strong army, protect your base, and guide your civilization to triumph on this enthralling journey through the history!

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