Yoshi Island Online

In this classic platformer game, you will meet a lot of cool characters – Yoshi, a friendly dinosaur, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi and a terrible monster. According to the story, the evil boss kidnapped little Mario and Luigi, but dropped one of them onto Yoshi’s Island. Now, this cute dinosaur takes on the responsibility of delivering Baby Mario back home and save his brother. It is going to be a thrilling adventure! Hurry up to join the personages and share the fun and risks with them!

A little about the gameplay

The adorable dinosaur has special abilities. He can eat enemies or turn them into eggs, which can be used as projectiles or to solve puzzles. Besides, he can also jump over different obstacles. The game comprises multiple levels with creative designs, challenging obstacles, and memorable boss battles. You will also meet a lot of his friends – other dinosaurs that also have special powers. Help this company avoid endless obstacles on their ways and defeat opponents.

It is a chain of trials!

Throughout the adventure, Yoshi encounters other friendly characters, each contributing to the game’s charm. But a good portion of them are enemies that need to be defeated. The players must think logically what power they need at a particular moment. Your task is to react correctly to every obstacle and successfully avoid them. This colorful adventure will be adored by kids and adults. It is a fabulous combination of thrills and fun. There are many levels in this entertainment to bring you hours of joy! Do not skip until you test this online game!

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