Pokemon Tower Defense

It’s been a while since we’ve dropped a fresh Pokemon game on you, and we think you’re gonna love this one. Introducing Pokemon Tower Defense! This game will surely keep you busy for hours as you train your little fluffy warriors to be the ultimate base defenders. So, without further ado, let’s go!

Pokemons on the defense!

Your adventure begins by picking your very own Pokemon name. It’s like choosing your Pokemon partner, and this name is going to be your legacy in the Pokemon world. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ve got options galore! Choose your game type – story mode, challenge mode, multiplayer, or even trading. Decide how you want to conquer the Pokemon world and plunge right into the whirlpool of events, surprises and challenges that await!

Once you’ve made your choice, your epic journey begins. Get ready to meet all sorts of fascinating characters who will guide you on your path to becoming the ultimate Pokemon trainer. It’s like going on a grand Pokemon adventure with friends you’ve never met before. So, get your Pokemon map, grab your Poke Balls, and let’s roll! Are you ready to become the very best, like no one ever was? The adventure starts now!

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