In the enchanting world of Storyteller, narratives unfurl through the language of visuals. Each level presents a unique challenge: to concoct a tale with a given title, selecting settings and characters whose interactions weave into a story with a definitive conclusion.

With its animated design and playful interface, Storyteller invites players to explore a myriad of storylines effortlessly. Simply drag and drop characters to witness how their interplay shapes the unfolding narrative.

Crafting Tales with Storyteller

Embark on a route through a diverse collection of plots and characters, from heroes and villains to vampires and dragons, exploring a kaleidoscope of love, deceit, madness, and other tumultuous emotions. Fill blank frames with secrets and passions, vanquish monsters or instill fear in humans, wield the forces of love and cunning. Everyone loves a good tale, but now, you become its master craftsman.

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