Doodle Jump

Longing for some action? Let’s throw a platforming party with Doodle Jump! It’s a game where the sky’s the limit, quite literally! Embark on this jump-tastic journey and bounce from one platform to the next like there’s no tomorrow!

Jump higher and higher!

So, here’s the deal – you control Doodler, a four-legged doodle-like creature, and your goal is simple: keep jumping higher and higher on an endless series of platforms. But, of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure without some obstacles, right? Monsters and UFOs are out to get you, and it’s your job to dodge, shoot, or outsmart them. Think fast and act even faster! You need to react on the spot and hit those buttons in the nick of a second if you hope to get to the finish line. There’s no definitive end to this game, which is what makes it so thrilling.

You’ll know the fun’s over when Doodler takes a tumble to the bottom of the screen and meets a random monster or gets sucked into a black hole, or hey, even gets abducted by a UFO! Doodle Jump a wild and never-ending journey that’ll keep you on your pixel toes and your 8-bit heart racing. Prove that you have the reflexes and persistence to conquer those levels, one by one. It’s time to jump into the action and see how high you can go!

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