Pokemon Dressup

Alright, folks, it’s time for a Pokemon fashion makeover! Catching Pokemon is a tough gig, and this special girl is on a mission to catch the ultimate prize – Pikachu! But before she can even think about chasing down that electric cutie, she needs to look the part of a true Pokemon trainer!

Chase Pokemon in style!

Grab that mouse and let’s dive into her wardrobe. The clothes are her first step on this epic adventure, and the most important one! Pikachu won’t wait for just anyone, you know. Your goal is to make her look like the most awesome and stylish trainer out there. The little yellow guy is chilling in the left-down corner of the game screen, so you better get ready. He’s not going to wait around forever. But first things first, let’s make sure this trainer looks fabulous!

In the middle of the screen, you’ll find our determined girl, and up top, there’s a ton of clothes thrown all over the place. Your mission is to sift through them and choose the most fashionable ones. Mix and match like a pro, throw in some stylish dress-up articles, and add some fabulous accessories. Once you’ve transformed her into the ultimate Pokemon trainer fashionista, it’s time to catch Pikachu, the most wanted Pokemon of all! Let’s catch them all in style!

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