Imagine you’re a fearless astronaut, floating through a mysterious galactic labyrinth. You’re in Run 3, and it’s going to be a cosmic race you won’t forget soon! See if you can make through each and every level, all while dodging hurdles, fighting enemies, and having the most thrilling time of your life!

A voyage through space

As you dash through the boundless space tunnels, it’s the left and right arrow keys that become your allies. They propel you forward, helping you steer through the cosmic maze. And here’s the cosmic twist – you can even land on the walls if you venture far enough to the left or right. It’s like a physics-defying space ballet! But don’t let the thrill distract you from your mission. With the spacebar at your fingertips, you’ll gracefully leap over gaps in the cosmic floor. It’s a breathtaking journey through a galaxy waiting to be explored!

So, get set, space traveler! Your mission is to run, jump, and explore the mysteries of the universe. Hit those arrow keys promptly, embrace the cosmic chaos, and leap into the unknown. The universe is your playground, and it’s time to discover its farthest corners, one jump at a time!

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