Welcome to the Twisted World of Zoonomaly

Picture this: a zoo that’s flipped from family fun to full-on horror flick mode. That’s the wild ride Zoonomaly offers. Here, you’re thrown into the thick of it, with the once adorable zoo now crawling with creatures that are anything but friendly. Your goal? Dig deep into the zoo’s secrets, find out why these monsters decided to crash the party, and put a full stop to their shenanigans. The catch? The answers lie behind a bunch of brain-teasing puzzles, each tucked away within the very enclosures that used to house animals.

Survival is Key

As you wander this monster-infested zoo, remember: these anomalies aren’t just for show. They’re on the prowl, and they’re not the kind you can simply take out with a well-aimed shot. If you see one, make a run for it, because confrontation is not an option. But don’t fret; you’ve got the Bloom O’Bang on your side. This nifty device is your get-out-of-jail-free card, offering a chance to pause those monstrous pursuers and even peek into their invisible world. And the real deal? Those elusive key shards scattered across the zoo. Each one’s a piece of the puzzle, locked inside the enclosures and waiting for you to solve the riddles that guard them.

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