Stewardle Unlimited

This is a fantastic puzzle that mixes the ideas from the famous Wordle game and the racing world, namely Formula 1. In this entertainment, players need to use their knowledge and analyze various hints to uncover the names drivers from Formula 1. The plot offers drivers that participate in races starting from the season of 2014. It is all about showcasing what you know and how well you can figure things out!

What are your actions?

You step into an immersive and intellectually stimulating adventure that plunges you into the dynamic universe of Formula 1. Your task is to predict the driver of the day. But this is not so easy as you believe, as you have only six tries. To make your suggestion, type in the name of a racer who took part in the 2014 season or later and enter your supposed clue. After this step, each letter will change its color, giving you valuable feedback on how accurate your guess is. You will need good knowledge of F1 racing history to move in the right direction and emerge victorious.

How smart are you?

As you advance with your guesses, carefully observe how the colors of the letters change after each attempt. These colors serve as tips for your further guesses. You should ignore letters that are shown in grey color – these are not the part of the hidden name. Yellow letters are available in the clue but you will need to move them. Green letters are your best signals – these are correct and located just right! Browse through the driver names you know to find those that match the hints best. Are you ready to test your knowledge and logical skills? Best of luck!

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