Are you a true fan of shooters? Then consider this highly addictive 2D online game. You have definitely no experience of being a pilot, have you? In this adventure you transform into a skilled fighter pilot of a little jet and participate in intense aerial battles. Your sole objective is to get rid of all adversaries and survive in a challenging battle environment. Are you in the mood for such an adrenaline-pumping experience? Let’s start your exciting journey, targeting anyone who comes your way.

Master the controls

All you need is to skillfully use your mouse cursor to proceed through the game. allows you to use a basic gun only in the beginning. However, the battlefield is of all sorts of weapon power-ups that descend by parachute – from shotguns and rockets to lasers. The strength of these armaments escalates in that sequence. Yet, obtaining the mightier weapons becomes progressively challenging. Every confrontation unfolds in real-time, ensuring intense aerial duels where swift reactions are imperative. If you hesitate too often, the game could be over for you instantly.

Confront live players

Engage in multiplayer entertainment that connects you with players from all over the world. Some adversaries are more than dangerous. To succeed in this dynamic world, you must accumulate points by killing foes, which can then be used to enhance your jet’s capabilities. Strengthen your weaponry and reinforce your aircraft’s durability. You can even purchase more powerful aerial vehicle. The choices are yours to make in this high-stakes challenge. Embark on this exhilarating journey, defy gravity, and emerge as the ultimate fighter pilot. Best of luck in the skies of – where every move could determine your fate in this thrilling challenge!

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